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Must-Read Data Science Books

Want to become a data scientist? There’s no better time to become a data scientist than now.

The data science industry is rapidly growing, and a data scientist’s role is one of the most in-demand jobs. On LinkedIn, Data Science is among the top fastest-growing jobs. On the Glassdoor website, Data Scientist is the number one job.

According to New York Times, Data Science is a “hot new field that promises to transform industries from business to government, health care to academia.”

Many organizations are looking out for data scientists who can craft data-driven insights and value for business products…

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Best 9 Machine Learning Courses and Certifications

Machine Learning(ML) is an exciting and fast-paced field. The emerging technology is increasingly becoming the brain behind achieving business intelligence and efficiency.

With its benefits, every industry is looking to apply AI and ML in its domain.

As such, more and more companies are on the verge of hiring skilled ML engineers.

Ml skills open a world of opportunities for anyone to develop cutting edge applications. Such skills also provide you with a first-class ticket to some of the most exciting careers in the world today.

But how can you get started in…

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Highly Recommended AI and ML Books for Business Leaders

Imagine what it would be like if you could get knowledge and insights that would motivate and influence your business decisions towards increased business intelligence, efficiency, effectiveness, and growth — what would that be worth to you?

Think about this. It is unlikely that Einstein and other scholars would have achieved successful conclusions unless they had learned from the recorded knowledge of mathematicians and scientists who preceded them.

As a business leader, reading is a key ingredient to business success. Top business leaders know this and are always reading to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive.

In this…

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Books You Should Read

AI and Machine learning (ML) technologies are rapidly evolving. I mean, we all have witnessed the disruption that the AI and ML revolution are bringing to our world in every sector. Also, according to Google, “Machine Learning is the future.”

It’s this growth and projections that have seen ML undoubtedly become the most in-demand technology of this era! We can agree there’s such a high demand for ML skills; and that it’s an exciting time to learn ML.

Whether you want to implement ML algorithms as a developer, become a data…

Major applications of machine learning using Julia language

Developments in Julia Programming Language

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Having been around for several years, Python has evolved to become one of the most loved data science programming languages. However, it’s not the only programming language establishing itself in the emerging field. There’s a new entrant — Julia — which is likewise making some noteworthy strides and increasingly getting fans.

Julia was originally developed by a team led by MIT computer scientist Alan Edelman and three others who sought to create a free…

Almost 3 years ago, Sarah took the decision to quit her job as a software engineer and started working towards becoming a machine learning expert. Along her journey, she came across my series on becoming a machine learning engineer. We connected and I started offering her mentorship.

Now working as a Data Scientist at Remerge GmbH, a mobile App Retargeting company in Berlin, Germany, Sarah is on a mission to make people’s lives better by shaping the latest technologies to build solutions that solve real-world problems.

Here’s a short interview I did with her a while ago. …

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Stanza | Python-based NLP Toolkit

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AI has no doubt come a long way, but there are concepts that are still work in progress. Natural language processing (NLP), a technique that employs computational techniques for the purpose of learning, understanding, and producing human language content is one of those AI subfields that still has a long way to go.

Well, there have been advances and growing development of computational approaches to study human languages driven by the availability of open-source…

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Python is a major programming language today widely recognized for being versatile, easy to learn, fast to develop, and it continues to be the most widely-used language for data science, machine learning, and scientific computing.

According to a recent survey done by KDnuggets more than 1800 participants for preferences in analytics, data science, and machine learning, Python maintained its position at the top of the most widely used language in 2019.

This article is…

Part 1 of a series on using AI to make better mobile games

Imagine a digital world, tailor-made for every gamer, optimized to excite and entice with uniquely generated NPC interactions and fully customized gameplay; where video games are more than entertainment and can help users build valuable real-world skills.

While the AI-powered video games of our dreams haven’t quite arrived yet, we are seeing real benefits of AI in the gaming industry take shape. The next 10 years will see some of the most dramatic industry changes yet, as developers the world over start using AI in their games.

This research summary is just one of many that are distributed weekly on the AI scholar newsletter. To start receiving the weekly newsletter, sign up here.

The Gleason Score is the grading system used to determine the aggressiveness of prostate cancer. But then studies have shown that Gleason scores grading suffers from significant inter- and intraobserver variability. While specialized uropathologists show higher concordance rates, such expertise is not always available.

AI systems based on deep learning have achieved pathologist level performance in Gleason grading. Recently, researchers investigated whether pathologists supported by a deep learning system can improve in Gleason grading…

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